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Arthroscopic surgery has by and large swapped open surgery for shoulders. Utilizing a little camera, your specialist can really look inside the joint and see the harm. (The word arthroscope originates from arthro, which means joint, and extension, from the Greek word for look.) Guided by the camera, he utilizes exactness surgical instruments.

Arthroscopy is valuable for different sorts of shoulder harm:
•Sub acromial Impingement.
This agonizing condition happens when the acromion (a hard nob on the shoulder bone) rubs against the tendon and the bursa. Some of the time called swimmer's shoulder, this causes the tendons of the rotator sleeve muscles to end up chafed and kindled.

•Acromioclavicular Osteoarthritis. The acromioclavicular joint is the place the collarbone (clavicle) meets the acromion, at the tip of the shoulder bone. This joint is the "knock" that you feel at the highest point of your shoulder. It is inclined to joint inflammation, and is particularly helpless in patients who do overhead work, (for example, circuit testers).

•Shoulder arthroscopy, Torn Rotator Cuff Injury. On account of a full or fractional tear, the rotator sleeve tendons are no more safely appended to the leader of the humerus (upper arm bone). Rotator sleeve wounds jump out at patients utilizing overhead movements, (for example, pitching a ball) additionally due to maturing.

•Adhesive Capsulitis additionally passes by the more bright term, solidified shoulder. At the point when the shoulder container, which is a shallow attachment that holds the shoulder bone, thickens and turns out to be tight, grips (thick groups of tissue) create. While there are diverse phases of glue capsulitis, it's perceived by the failure to move the shoulder– whether by the patient himself or with help.

•Chronic Tendonitis and Tears of the Long Biceps Tendon are shown by agony in the front of the shoulder. The long head of biceps tendon is a long name for tendons joining the upper end of the biceps muscle to the shoulder bones. These tissues can get to be kindled or disturbed.

•SLAP Stands for Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior. SLAP injuries happen with a damage to the top (predominant) some piece of the labrum (stringy tissue coating the attachment that holds the leader of the upper arm bone) where the biceps tendon appends. SLAP may be brought about by a fall with outstretched arm, lifting overwhelming articles, or overhead movement, for example, pitching a baseball.

•Shoulder Instability, where the leader of the upper arm bone is constrained out of the attachment, is another basic issue. In a few examples, the separation is just halfway; this is called subluxation. Separations have a tendency to happen in the front of the shoulder.
Any of the above conditions may be treatable with arthroscopic surgery.
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